Professor Tashman

The Way It Spozed To Be

Commonly Misused Words and Phrases. What we hear is not always what we write. What we hear: After the murder, Norman should of shut the hell up; now he’s landfill somewhere on Staten Island. What we write: After the murder,  Norman should have shut the hell up: now he’s landfill somewhere on Staten Island. The […]

Coordination and Subordination (main and subordinate clauses)

Independent clause: A grammatical construction containing a subject and predicate (basically, a verb construction) that can stand by itself as a sentence. Dependent clause: A dependent clause cannot stand by itself as a sentence, and functions as a noun, adjective or adverb. Example: Begonia should stifle her lunatic impulses and stop drinking. Independent clause: Begonia […]


1. All sentences do not have to begin with a subject and verb. You can place an adverb modifier at the beginning. One way: I often think of the twin towers when I visit downtown Manhattan. Another way: Often, when I visit downtown Manhattan, I think of the twin towers. One way: The actress Ellen […]

Emphasize Key Ideas. Experiment with techniques for emphasis

End sentences with kickers. You can withhold the important information until the final word. With a great deal of hospitality, “Fat” Nick Minucci welcomed Glenn Moore to Brooklyn with a baseball bat. Periodic sentences The periodic sentence creates emphasis by piling modifiers and descriptions before the main subject and verb: Before she wrecked Christie Brinkley’s […]