Professor Tashman

Capital Letters

Capitalize Proper Nouns: I am Melvin, and you shall follow my command. Names of persons, places and things. Dammit, Brad. Stop crying. Even if we never kiss again, we shall always have Jackson Heights. Deities I shall never believe in a god that refuses to believe in me. Every morning I pray to God to […]


Spelling: Misspelling a word is the quickest way to win the disrespect of colleagues, lose a job promotion, screw up a hot date. Dan Quayle lost the presidency because he misspelled potato: watch?v=Wdqbi66oNuI Know that some words called homophones sound the same but mean different things. A list of homophones: Know spelling rules: i […]


Italics: Follow convention when italicizing titles: Books: The Human Stain, If You Can’t Live Without Me Why Aren’t You Dead Yet? Magazines: Vogue, Wired, GQ Newspapers: The New York Times, The New York Post, The Christian Science Monitor Pamphlets: The Watchtower, Five Facts to Know About Heroin Long Poems: Paradise Lost, Cantos Plays: The Dollhouse, […]


Abbreviation For titles before proper names, use standard abbreviations. Mr. Bradley Metzger Ms. Thing Mrs. Arnold Schwartzenegger Dr. Doom The Rev. Carmody Carmichal. Prof. Sylvester Stallone. Some titles appear after proper names. Lon Chaney Jr. Martin Luther King Sr. Pistol Pete Marovich, PhD Trapper John, MD Jon Bon Jovi, LLD Harry Belafonte, DDS D’brickashaw Ferguson, […]